Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Daily Bible reading is vital if we're going to grow as Christians. So here's a survey of what's out there to help you get into God's word...

The Bible Speaks Today series
These commentaries are more in-depth than Bible reading notes aiming to be a crossover between an academic commentary and devotional notes. 
John Stott, series editor for many years, said they are characterised by a, “threefold ideal . . . to expound the biblical text with accuracy, to relate it to contemporary life and to be readable.”

Highly recommended if you want to go deeper into a particular book or theme. 

Each daily Explore study is written to take 15 minutes to do. It uses questions and explanatory comments to get you digging into the passage. It features three mini-sections: 
• Apply, helping you think about the difference God’s word will make to your life.
• Pray 'Thru', encouraging you to speak to the God who’s been speaking to you.
• Time Out, linking to a different part of the Bible, or raising an interesting thought.

The Daily Reading Bible
The all-in-one, take-anywhere package to help you feed regularly from God's word.
Each reading is designed to take around 15-20 minutes, and contains:
- the full text of the Bible passage for that reading;
- some questions to get you thinking;
- some 'points to ponder';
- some ideas to get you started in prayer.
Great if you don’t have room for a Bible. I used these during my final year of uni – the perfect thing for a coffee break at Costa!

Daily Bread
 Aims to help people explore, understand and enjoy the Bible - and work it out in everyday life.  It gives you:
-a Bible reading for each day;
-easy to understand, practical comments which relate the Bible to everyday life;
-a special ‘Talkabout’ section for individuals and small groups.

 Writers from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of perspectives.

Encounter with God

Designed for readers who want a thoughtful, in-depth approach to systematic Bible reading. It contains:
-daily consecutive Bible readings;
-exposition by experienced Bible teachers;
-introduction and review articles for each consecutive series, enabling further study, reflection and response;
-feature articles addressing contemporary issues;
-a dual programme, covering the Bible in either one or six years.
Closer to God
A creative and reflective approach to daily Bible reading, with a Bible passage and guide for every day of the week.

Aims to help ordinary people hear God speaking to them; loving, freeing, changing and healing them.

There's a Bible reading with notes for every day of the week, but each weekly section is designed so that if you miss up to two days you still won't get behind. Plenty of room for prayer, praise and reflection too.

... for Everyone series
 Each section contains a short passage of Tom Wright’s own translation followed by a highly readable discussion with; background information, useful explanation and suggestion, and thoughts as to how it can be used relevant to our lives today.

According to the Ship of Fools website: “Wright writes wonderfully, accessibly and as smooth as fine chocolate.”

Wright has written a commentary for every book of the New Testament!

Provides a comprehensive overview of the Bible including introductions for different sections, 100 readings with notes, and opportunities to pray and respond. 

 It encourages a holistic head and heart engagement with the Bible alongside intimacy with God.  

Ideal for anyone wanting to discover the 'big picture' of the Bible and its relevance to daily life.

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